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Well well, hello you!
Right now just about everything is new, or recently posted!
Foresting my tables
Stuff for sale. To shrink the unused pile.

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Trying to set up again what helped me tremendously two decades ago: a miniatures directory cross referencing period, subjects and manufacturers. 
I will need your input too, as I do not know everyone by far. 


Presentation, object of this site

Intend: show my games, find similarly minded players, share ideas, promote my stuff for sales, help others not to stumble on the same rocks I did.
I played  Historical Miniatures and Boardgames for decades. Military History buff of course? From France and Russia!

Historical wargaming; Sharp Practice AWI; Napoleonics; By Fire and Sword; Impetus; Baroque; Miniature Wargames; 1870;  Seven Years War; Historical research; Historical boardgaming; miniature comparisons; Terrain making. 15-18mm.
Home of the "Napoleonic Balls, Fire and Steel " rule.

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