First I was planning to play Impetus (which I might too) then became fascinated by the clever set Mortem et Gloriam. in waiting, bit might be used anyway (command+)The Perfect Captain free medieval (crusades and 1XIIIth cty). I had republican romans, mongols, Hundred Years War both sides, all long sold.

I still have several hundreds of unpainted medieval minis in waiting, very few painted. I used to play DBM last century then dropped it, too much "championship" not enough history and I grew tired. Not so sure I am up to painting properly the medieval heraldry though.

Considering the costs and painting time to get another old dream back, the Punic wars, Wofun opportunely got a full set designed by the excellent Peter Dennis. Flat figures? hummm.

I got a few, used for markers and dummies for other periods. Ancient battles would be mostly frontal, the weird looking flat side should not be such a trouble.

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Punic wars (another old dream though30 years ago I had DBM Romans for it.

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Punic wars Wofun
The whole thing half done. The Romans in the front do not have their sides painted. The shiny plastic of the sides does give them more luminosity of sorts, but I don't like shiny minis. 

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And now you see the sides painted (grey for the Romans, a ww2 types of dark grey green for those allies who can be with either sides, brownish for the Carthaginians.. It does no hurt the eyes no?

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I reused some 3d "normal" 15mm as not enough light infantry. I also like the "dirpersed" chaps to be, well slightly dispersed?
I initially bough the starter set, not the best idea. Analyse armies, lists, rules...THEN BUY;). Cost me three parcels, losing 38€ on extra postage.

Why Mortem et Gloriam?
Go on the creator's site, you will have plenty to figure out! this video gives a first good idea of it. The author is a great guy, he answers your questions (patiently) .
The system is quite flexible, so period mods or specific armies variations, (but obviously not for championships or the like) are possible.  

More later...

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