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World war 2

  6 mm 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm 28 mm Ships
 IrregularArrowheadminiaturesPlastic soldier companyIrregularPerry-perfectionLast square 1/1200 coastal
 Heroics and RosIrregularirregularSHQBrigade GHQ 1/2400th
 AdlerPendrakenPeter PigLancsashireFoundryPanzerschffe 1/2400
 Baccus PitheadLast squareLancerAGMLast square 1/6000
 GHQ BattlefrontAdlerEureka magister
same but UK
    Old GloryPlastic all links +l lists. CinC+1/2400+1/4800
    QRFPlastic soldier co Shapeways one of many 1/4800
    Milicast Shapeways another with also 1/1800...
     Elheim  .Tumbling dice 1/600
     Stonewall  .
    Early War M.  .
     Tumbling dice  .
     CP models  .
     Frontline Wargaming  .
     Eureka  .

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