1870 games

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10mm miniatures, many older ones from Perrin minis (USA)/ Magister militum (UK).

10mm? because often lots of troops,  shooting ranges are far away (nearly 4 km for Krupp?) so needs space, yet having a reasonable mass effect. And last century when I started, not so many minis for that subject

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6 mm houses.

Well, I had plenty from past games when I had lots of 6mm napos.
I saw some games with scaled down buildings and I liked the way one could have decent villages. 

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1" =110+ meters.  One base of infantry (3 figs for line)= 300 men.
250 when they get late war veterans, 300-350 when new bies (republicans). 200-240 for Jaegers, who get more or less 2 figs per base.

Artillery is one battery; cavalry 3 stands per unit (but 4 possible losses).

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One game turn is 20-30 minutes.

6500+ figs painted.


By far the best way is to do a simple campaign is using a boardgame, on a side table or on a computer with or without an umpire. Only 2 players are enough and one could even get the campaigning done or at least one, not actually be the same as the one(s) playing the tabletop battles. Vae Victis has and is to release some games for it, the Loire campaign is quite suitable for this specific and most interesting part.

Otherwise for the whole thing, I advocate the old Strategy and Tactics #149 which can be found on cyberboard and the paper game with the important needed rules (but you would do the battles with minis). A few are left at ST site and here and there maybe Second chance Games in the Uk and even saw one on Amazon...
Original cyberboard version http://limeyyankgames.co.uk/cyberboard?page=9

Cyberboard download my version
(I added bocage that explains why fighting near Le Mans, mountains near the Swiss border limiting the ops of the army of the Vosges, and bridges (but not finished) as there were fewer than now, even than 1914 and without that you cannot get Sedan at all and maybe not Metz encirclement. 

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Wanting to finish the troops....looking at the organization and names, hell came as I realized some of these guys obviously do not have the 1861 issue (on the side here), but somewhat their traditional flags pre 1871. And guess what, AFAIK no one looked and found the whole thing properly. After I searched in German, yes it is not easy at all. You do find the pre 1914 flags but many of the post 70 numbers of regiments change. So I fumbled through and found some and did a sort of collection of those I want to do. You can see in the BW bits down they had flags of unusual patterns for the Landwehr, many look to be of the 1861 type though. No need of the whole army.

These sites can give you good ideas:
https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=nyp.33433081834149&view=1up&seq=132 numerized 1900s book which is in NY library. describes many remaining tattered flags. Pics can be found here in colour

Beware of the dates, caution about the post 1871 types.

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12-23 A big solo battle Taken from another period, a well known scenario

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here the whole story (20pages!) with some of my recently made paper houses.

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