scenario for SP AWI

(the other) Swamp fox campaign from The Perfect Captain done on Cyberboard for you to load. maps, counters etc. later I will write adaptation for Shap Practice. But you surely can do it yourself.


Historical scenarios 

30 Years war 


Not so historical ones 

"Transformist" scenarios (no, not what you may think, but using a historical set up into another period or other armies.)

soonser or later...need 33.5 hours a day...



Historical or maybe some what-if scenarios here. The things will be on pdf so as to able to be loaded easily. After action reports when I do them (mostly only from solo play as to not slow the game). 



Played with Twilight of the Divine Right rules, in 18mm. First unfinished game sole, then with a friend. I used a slightly modified old Tilly system scenario and unfornatelly only afterwards really  plunged into it with the site of Daniel Staberg who, one day, might enlight us with the definite book on it. Here the scenario pdf.



So basically I screwed up somewhat the thing when I played but the difference with what I got from the historical stuff is not so important. The deployment was mostly historical, the difference with the played scenario, I put one too many battery to the Swedes. 
In the 2 players game I played the cathos, and won, dice results not tactics;)


The center

 6cm = 150m, plenty of space. Infantry centers, wings of cavalry. Historically it seems there were two infantry units supporting the cavlry for the Leaguist, we did not.
I will re do it when I have some Saxons, in a month or so.

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