Olustee 1864

Fire and fury regimental scenario and game rules



I took as a base a ready made mat of grassy/ rocky messy base, draw roads with chalk, then the main woods and marshy outlines. 


Poor man's marsh

That was before I got proper marshes done. prior to visiting real ones in Kamchatka Where you just tells your self, no no, you have to do it better.


Some tools

If you'd want better results and somehow want to keep the under-laying mat done, use pastels. The drawback is they are hard or near impossible to erase, leaving at best a slur.


Careful with order

Don't rush putting all the woods, before you realize you screwed up one and inverted positions;).
Here more outlines and the straight railroad. 


Nearly done

With the rule book. Scatered trees to give life, This battlefield is flat and easy to do.



3 hours to do, still... I used my childhood train track from Märkling and it looks too big, next time a paper track. 

More games

Can't remember where I took the scenario from, a couple of years ago. Could be from their site, from the scenario books of F&f or my old collection of booklets from JR2 and more.
He based his figs exactly like the in rules; I think it is too deep, Does not look nice on two ranks, especially for smaller or attrited units. Mine will be narrower.   If I could have had it my way, we would have based them two deep on one base. On the other end the "lose order" line of the rules, look better with one rank than separated blocks of 4 figures.

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