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No rule, no matter what, resists long my urge to interfere
(err modifiy).

  • No rule, no matter what resists long my urge to interfere  (err modifiy).  so   SP2 HOUSE RULES
  • WHY? I have a pet (well no longer he dispeared), scales. I like to have distances, bases sizes and figure to men ratio to fit roughly reality. Long experience taught me that sooner or later if you ignore it too widly, It will burst to your face widly.  Now I remember one rich fellow who spent 1000s (yes) on a specially built  18th century fortress to realize that in bastions are in real life say one musket shot or canister from each other, there is a reason. otherwise your enemy will justn go in the middle. A bit more complicated but...
  • I like the distances, and did not want to fiddle with the inches and measurements in the rules. my figs and houses etc. all in 15-18mm. It ended up by using mostly  Sally4yh round bases and trays, roughly 1.5 cm but spacing ending it to be more like 1.8cm per figure.
    They shoot muskets at 24", stated at 4-5 yards per inch, can be stretched to 5m per inch so shooting 120m, roughly ok. No way around that. So 1.8m in close order, AWI, so not so close (well it depends.. but lets not complicate ze life) 3+m per figure!  So now I am in the process of rebasing the regulars in close order on squared magneted bases: most on multiple bases, to shrink the space taken, keeping the relatively expensive old bases for skirmishers and more rag tag militias.  It will still end up 1.5 cm per figure in close order so say 2m+ frontage. This works fine with each figure 2-3 real men. I always intended and thought this game to be more of what is called a grand skirmish. I cringe when those games at supposedly one to one, have a "party" of 50 with 3-4 types of troops, like a mixed band of stragglers. Companies, platoons, military organization any one? even militias would. Then 40-60 figs is a 100-200 raiding party, sounds right, allowing several troops types. 
  • Yes I know "its just a game"... NO, it is an historical game. No fantasy, no here one needs to know something. annoying for some.
  • So what? HOUSE rule1  One fig-2-3 men. Even cadres ok as officers and batmen-cover men; NCOs, rare in the game, will be actual 2-3. Ok.
  • Learning solo and then often playing solo (not by choice) I quickly screwed up the thing with 3 command cards= event. A bit of playing then going away, answering phone, looking for mopping up the too long on fire  stuff in the kitchen, you see the sort. Later back: what was the last cards out humm? Even in games we managed to forget/ not notice. So I put in event cards instead. One for small games, two for bigger ones. And if you draw an event card and a tiffin then chapter, as with two tiffins, as this chapter seems to never happen.
  • For bigger games I put two tiffin cards. I did my own cards btw. Created a special scenario event card, sometimes of use, reminiscing of the old Sharp Practice1.
  • Indians, Injuns! UGH!                                                                                                                
    I did not like the initial characteristics for injuns. They ended up behaving like Jacobite swordsmen, big groups, very powerful in melee, Looking for a good opportunity for a charge. Not what I read. They did snipping, frittering away the other side strength, did not look for even sided or dangerous melees but …  
    In the magazine of 2FL I found an answer. + A scenario for Fallen timbers battle. The chap did the right thing, Indians end up with various types of will to fight and experience, in skirmishers groups.        Never underestimate what has been done by another.   Then I also wanted them nimbler (no additional rule for fleet footed, already enough specifics to remember) and to somewhat disconnect them in command use to their allies. Namely in combined forces (and I have 70-80 painted injuns hey?) I felt uneasy that a good number of injun units would allow more command cards that end up being used to up the actions of your elite British lights for example.   So Injuns command cards: only for non-offensive stuff, (no shooting, no melee) moving faster (that step out, can be 2 in characteristics), morale. They be more sensitive to casualties: one dead= 1 shock. Give them more leaders /or rather higher level. Use injun cards to recover. Move fast, shoot, (shoot and scoot), harass then pounce in. You got the idea.  As in the mag, lower points a bit.   I might do something similar with penninsula if I ever do my project of it, for the guerilla working with Brits. 
  • The potential speedbump melee:                                                                         Something annoying me, the fact they all go to melee here we are in relatively detailed skirmish, no escaping by saying close combat or what: and it is right bloody I would like to see highly disadvantaged chaps and well lower rate troops to run away from a determined charge As I am playing AWI, think of So In there we have 30 close militia figures charged by 24 British grenadiers in the open, without bayonets: really a melee?      

    They would run. Here only if you want. Ok the system pushes you not to sacrifice morale. But it might make sense (?!!!) to have a one turn speed bump with a half destroyed unit in the way. Players might do funny things. Besides I like people to flee rather than get all the time into a pretty bloody melee especially if historically likely to. And cavalry hummm. Most of the time they scare each other, no >Hollywood run, slow, stop and cross sabers. Niet. On the other hand I am very adverse to mod a beautiful system, no doubt deeply weighted, not just done for the sake of earning £ following mainstream trends.                                                                            
      They managed to release there a nice rule for the Boer war “A Mere Question of Pluck” hoped to find such a thing since the 100 years anniversary in 2000!!!) It owes a lot to Sharp practice and Chain of command, most 2FL products being derivatives sorts of finely tuned to the historical subject. In there we have the thing, which was also a bit in SP 1st version.                                            If for a melee the defender has 3 times less dice than the attacker, he runs away 3D6 gets 4 shock per group involved. If the attacker they balk where they started get 2 shock per group. (“WTF he wants us to suicide?”) 
  • Add civilian card if any are taking part in game (usually in some convoys and in raids). When drawn each civilian group D6 1-3 moves away from seen combatants or away from firing, unless into refuge. If no seen combatants and no firing, they move as you want. 
  • CAVALRY                              
    Needs 4" straight to claim a charge bonus. 
  • DEPLOYMENT POINTS THAT ARE ON TABLE’s EDGE:                                           To be « taken » it needs one enemy unit at least above half strength, to go out that way and stay out. It can be cancelled by one of yours going after them and winning an off table melee. On table Dp needs unit to stay within 6" of it. I never liked the "I pissed on it and go away so it does not work anymore". Imight depend what is at stake too.
  • COLUMN BONUS To claim it, the formation needs at least 30 figure in suitably deep (3+ ranks or several 2 ranks within 4" behind each other ) grouping. 20 figs even if claiming to be 60     are not a column, just a blob deeper.
  • FORCE MORALE If more tan 10 units on one side his force morale after been rolled normally be increased by 1. if more than 15 units by 2…
  • EVENTS                                                                                                                                                  Table 4:Roll of 4: then roll D6 1-5 as written if 6 rain: all shooting -1 (except artillery) on a subsequent occurrence of that event no need to roll second D6, it goes as per the rules AND rain stops.                                              Table 5 Roll of 3: then roll D6 1-5 as written, if 6 a leader is born, add a CI1 leader to that unit, it can happen only once a game per unit!Roll of 10: then roll D6 1-4 as written, if 5-6 desertion, 1 figure goes AWOL from unit if under charge or fire last turn.. 
  • The END OF THE WORLD  Units that fall off the end of the world can be back if not in retreat. D6 if their officer card is drawn; on 1-3; can only be with officer attached, not with cards only.
    Not to fear artificially that much the sides of the table. The return point is within 6" of the exit, so keep a way to remember where they went. It can be tested only once, if they fail they stay out. 
  • SOON  remix called "harpening the tomahawks"; or a scenario generator mixing ip the best of SP2 and Musket and Tomahawks rules.

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