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Wagons/ carts

One never has enough wagons.
For looting and convoys,  marking camps and the rear area /line of communication; just for decorative fun in the rear of battles... with as many non descript handlers as possible plus a few period / army specific ones. 

Generals and more generals

...and then never enough. My main napoleonic p^layer who has more troops than me , still,  does not have all the commanders.
I like the lower levels to be used as  game markers. So colonels and genrals "en masse". 


I like horses though the last long (too long) stay on one was not so much fun. With a proper seat, long hours working on horses in 18mm does not hurt one's back;)


Carts days  

Off for several "days" (few hours each) of carts, wagons, limbers. factory line.


Wheels suffering

Unordinary cart from FIre And Sword Polish shop. Nice finish but suffering before that to fight for sticking wheels and bits. Not so well moulded.


More added

Actually I stuck them all, then  painted most in a darkish wooden base colour , then fisnished in various tones. If any part had to be canvas or similar it gets a white paint base. NO blacks undercoat to make all ugly coal mining stained.


Home made cards

The quest for civilians and drivers to accompany the carts/ army trains/ rear camps. Best if multi period (17th-napo) and all sides. The red one on the left is an Irregular miniatures Irish rebel, this hat only end of 18th to napo period.


Tory DP

Alongside doing barrels, sacks and here a Russian 1812 ammunition wagon. These wagons will do camps behind armies, to loot, to show line of communication exits; might be used for convoys attacks...put in villages..


Unique Styles

17-18th century ammunition wagon:
Mixture of brands: the useful Museum miniatures driver, for the team and cart from Magister (ex Hallmark).


Some done

Mostly here part non descript, the rest for the Russian rear area trains. Some civilians, russian types, taken from cossack  artillerist from Old glory , and rennaissance chaps. Broken muskets figs  etc. can be converted to wounded, civilians, cart drivers etc. 


Close up

Collect and mix as many wagon horse as possible to give a more varied look. This and painting a same wagon with different colours gives an impression of variety. Of course everything was reused and looting be very common, even things that should be kept to one army, could be used by another.



Each side, up to a point can have the same ones, best with slightly different paint job.

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Polish and French generals

More Poles arrived from Old Guard painter; so I did their generals and in the same elan, too many or then maybe one day will get the 3rd division as well. Plus some French cavalry generals.


Usual mess

Stuff and bits getting painted together. Some being sort of chased by more pressing recent "needs" get to stay in  half done stage for months.


The stage

They get their colours, or just their ground / basing here. it is not a mess if you know where everything is. Do you ever?


Russians funny genrals

Could only find two 1812 generals with non regulation uniforms, hussar uniforms. My guess is from their bio they raised from hussar regiment colonel while on campaign 1500km from the tailor and a bit busy. Kulnev and Dorokhov. left one is the Prince of Orange by Campaign games, the right one a Prussian 1806 chap by AB. (Eureka). 


Russian avant garde commanders

Hurrah done with more generals and at the time a bunch of carts. 
Many of the AB sets can be put as early Russian generals or colonels; some of the simpler outfits ended up as Oppolchenie commander (much to their chagrin no doubt).
One general and an aide is a division commander.
Brigadiers or colonels get used as a markers for disorder, put parallel to the troops like going around shouting at them; better than a counter (which I only use in woods or other confusing surroundings).


He has the troops, I have the generals !

My pal who has 75% of the Russian troops on the Gzatsk battlefield does not have enough generals especially the brigadiers.  So I quickly needed more, dug out a bag of Blue moon tinies, who can't be based with the others but are very nice solo guys, full of life. Also discovered the young guard has two Prussian batteries, obviously had to be painted. ;)


French and Austrian generals

One Pajol on the left, who looks like the picture in Bucquoy book. a Nansouty type and some Austrian Korps commander.


Glory on horse

The three guys with their sabers up are all Murat(s) with different dress taken from the talented Boki, from Estonia. They ended up from left to right as Subervie, one Hungarian cavalry general who can sneakily serve in the seven years wars too plus the Pajol, 


Horsed bits

You can never have enough Cossacks, here ragger types. A bunch of Eclaireur de la garde from Boki and a revamped 14th Hussar (as I stupidly got painted twice another one!).
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