Comparisons and choosing miniatures
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From Campaign Games miniatures came Austrian Jägers command and Brunswick too (looking roughly the same/ Korsehut wearing lads). Landwher in 18mm and engineers can be done from the same stock of pics. I needed the officers to have variants for the Landwehr, so the numerous horn blowers lost rifles, horns and extra pay becoming modest rear area guys.


AWI British in hats (campaign types)

Mixing up the slightly bigger Old Glory and Blue Moon brits in cut coats and slouch hats. Some Peter pigs could be added to Blue Moon units , not to Old Glory ones, the sizes difference too striking (and the muskets would no be tailored hey?).



All three brands of Iroquois/ 5 nations  and co. Less trouble with sizes as used in looser groups and the smaller ones will go to  groups of "young warriors" together with some veteran older irregulars, minifigs and you name it nimis I had in the  80s(!!) waiting patiently knowing the North American Bug would catch back one day or another.

OF RUSSIAN (or “eastern”) HOUSES

or of the minor shaking of details when living with a Russian...

...You set up a nice "Russian" battlefield, proudly getting out your stock of houses, patiently collected over the years from everywhere you could. After all, a big table needs a lot, even if less "east" than usually if, say in Austria. Then she comes down to the game room and starts commenting. And you know she has been everywhere there, over the last 30 years, she know a lot and has a great attention to details. And then things get complicated;) as you get this kind of comment:

"Russian log cabins mostly have 3 windows façade. Hard put you ‘d be to find some with one or two only. "

"Entrances, traditionally, are almost never from the main facades, always from the side. "

“None of those houses are for living. Only maybe half shed from very poor 19th century. " 

And I have been to a number of reconstituted villages, to a number of ancient wooden houses here and there and seen pictures in museums and I know she is right. And of course modern adaptations, you can see, are most often far off from what one needs for 1812 and even 1941. She searches YANDEX the Russian stuff, rather than Google and finds examples.

And I defend our houses, our game suppliers: "You cannot show everything at that scale compromise with the ground surface, but some things could be right."
NIET we visited several: 3 parts one for animals, one for summer and one winter. Objects to those recently
Modern houses maybe. But too many windows on the door side. This one getting painted, with two useful sheds...


A simple house

This one is good 1812- WW2. It has a little internal courtyard, gate front and entrance sideways inside. 
Plenty more. and here...
The whole Russian search for traditional rural houses (center /west Russia, Karelia-North or South-Ukraine would be different).


Pictures from the time of Touguniev taken in "his" museum. He describes these in his books too.


From a little town. Usually each is part of an enclosed area, with service buildings and gates.


He says poor people have thatch and better off wooden planks. Talking about the Kursk/ Orel region.


And yes then we can enter another can of worms as, guess what not everywhere do they have the same.


Ukraine/ south has more wattle walls covered with clay; whitened.. 


Richer, from a reconstituted peasant village/ museum.

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