Old pictures of naval games played with General Quarters III for WW2 and Shipwreck or other rules for modern. Unfortunately naval games give a very low results solo and my occasional gamer does not like them.


Part  of my  modern fleets. here part of the Brits Falklands train. 


I use 1/6000th ships and 1/1200 planes. 


If they'd exist when I started this 25 years ago, I'd do 1/4800. (yes I know there was a very small range of CinC)


Using the wonderfully well done "The Solomons Campaign" from Dominion games (GQ3). A long endeavour, no doubt, but at least for this one setting up the tactical games is right fast;) Solo again. Obviously missing a whole bit of the suspense, but I can decide things for the enemy (the Japs as they are supposedly to strongest) after my onw decisions. So fat (one night battle) it worked (9/9/23).

First fight a night engagement, a jap bombardment force runs into an allied patrol. turns out that at the beginning it was fog, went a hair close to not finding each other. The Us engaged from radar discovery, not knowing the strength of the foe, partially masked by a squall. I did not use  time for "action station" to even things a bit. 

To help the solo (and I would use it face to face too) The GHQ games rule with cohesion rolls and initiative is used, putting a bit of proper night mess and realistic subtle inequality of the participants. I also use a modified command system I captured from Magweb last century. I might try to find out if I can put it here. Together it allows  avoiding writing movements, speeding things, and a bit silly alone.

2 allied cruiser division, 5 CA + HMAS Perth CL/6", Desron 1 of 8 destroyers.

2 jap cruiser divisions, 5 CA, 10th destroyer flotilla, 1 Cl and 9 DD.

The fog lifted after 4 turns, surprising the US into a reorganization to supposedly take advantage of it. then a big part of the japs were hidden by a squall. I moved with some choices as I would have with such limited knowledge. The jap kept going to wards Guadalcanal till they were fired upon. There was a lot of maneuvering into position and some missed orders, or disorder into divisions that were severely hampered by visibility to follow changes of orders.  Both cruisers lines went on to exchange shots in a pretty conventional way, few hits on both sides, around 15000 down to 10000y. The japs undid the stalemate with a closing maneuver and unleashing the dreaded Long-lances. No ships were sunk  but some machinery damage. On the other side the US destroyers tried to keep their more numerous opponent at bay,  at the same time using their fast firing close range. the japs had to limit this, launched another  torps attack; actually both sides did. One Us went to the ironing bottom. Both side got damage, the US for the worst. The US admiral decided to try to  disengage, at the same time  both japs destroyer groups were doing the same. When he realised that the fleeing foe could be finished for some they managed to get out of sight with a squall and smoke. The Jap still had maybe half an hour or more before needing to really get out to avoid the visit on the way home from Cactus air ofrce0I will still have to die for a group of 3 slowed down DD that will go interdependently on the principle that you cannot lose more than what is there. I have now to roll the dice for a possible carrier encounter. 3 Us vs the brother Zuikaku and Shokaku.

And I managed not to check the pics lighting...^)

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