No rule, no matter what, resists long my urge to interfere (err modifiy).

Sharp practice2 of Too Fat Lardies
House rules and games

WHY? I like to have distances, bases sizes and figure to men ratio to fit roughly reality with the ground scale. Also here adding cards, special rules fro injuns.,  charges, events and you go jc mods (pdf online)  
same for printing b/w • 


1871 Mash up with AOV
AOV is the distant child of Fire and Fury. It is easily understood by the most obtuse volunteer in 15 minutes.
Its “manoeuver roll” thing is more a mix of morale effects, a bit of unpredictable movement length, and a dose of control by higher command. It does not provide well for good troops commanded by donkeys nor poor ones by efficient commanders and staff.
So why not add a command system which does give you a good dose of the difference from the French armies and the Germans of 1870: slower responses to events, harder to change postures and harder to implement intricate plans?  I adapted my Napoleonics command systems and a few mods to AOV. Worked wonders.
 online reading  version pdf             B/w print friendly


BATAILLE EMPIRE by Hervé Caille... the new shiny rules for smaller Napoleonic battles..

I have my own set to play big battles, but I was still looking for one to have avant-garde, small scenarios with up to a corps maybe a side, or the Republic period with its annoyingly small funny units. Then even more incentives came when I received all those scenarios from Mike Hopper. It seemed I have found it, which sounded good as my French neighbours, adopted this.  Obviously nearly no rule set (as I usually research at least a bit the subject I play- and in Napoleonics I do know a lot) resists my interfering with it.  READ FURTHER review in depth and MODS...

La même en français!

BUT...they don't want to change anything to it. And it is too fiddly and slow after all and some features need be modded. Then Solo gaming seems the only way. So be it.

General D'Armée with mods for actual divisions (not the  1800 Austrian column of 4-5 brigades!) with very little would do battalion scale battles much better. But no French gamers then. Will see. Not yet actual full games done.

Then there is LASALLE 2 with Sam Mustafa returning playing ...   simpler, very well written and explained. The thing looks to go easily to the essentials and maybe easily modded as a tool. AGAIn, the same disease, no divisions. we know this newish trend, facts should not go in the way of ideas. But divisions were supposed to be a progress in fighting organisation over the last century motley of brigades... 

Then these guys from Hong Kong! came to the rescue, no need to think too much it might have been already done. Find their modifications here:

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