Historical wargaming with miniatures and boardgames, and military history.


Making dedicated terrain mats 8/21

QR and others XVIIth century miniatures comparisons.
 Pick up battles set up and force generator for 30YW.
JG3dprint figures 
 UPDATED 5/22 
 traduction en fr du résumé de TWDR 17e   and 18th century TWSK.                    BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR NAPOLEONIC WARFARE updated
11/22 Oriskany sharp Practice
14/7 22 naval games

Cards for terrain generation. 6/21
8/22 Villages in games 


 NEWER NEWS 13/09/23

Good ole times games 
1870 battle of Beaumont
More terrain and painting
08 /04/23 Of the frustration of unfinished games 
Command in games
12/02/23 campaigning 1870 with cyberboard game files
10/2/23 Big battle 1870 AAR
Creating south Leipzig
Cold war Commander test and mods.
1870  mods to AOV  RE  updated Scenario and refight  Oldendorf 1633
Pre game terrain and posture selection for 7yw games
(The other) Swamp fox campaign Cyberboard to download.
Starting an 1809 Danube campaign  and two battles.
A bit of sea..Guadalcanal campaign first fight.


Veteran wargamer, 35+ years of practice, 

 ...lost in the countryside with a huge game room;) 15km south of Clermont-Ferrand. F
 Military History buff, of course? From France and  4+ months a year in Russia! (before the war)
  To  share with you. 
Home of the "Napoleonic Balls, Fire and Steel " rules. 202+ out...or +....(looks no playtest 1/2 this year at least! China gift)
"Ne pas oser c'est ne rien faire au bon moment, et on ose jamais sans être convaincu de la bonne fortune."  Napoleon.

What is a wargame?

Maybe I should ask: what is a wargamer? Well if you go on gaming forums, you will see there are as many variations as ways to do this hobby. I can here, mostly speak for myself. Basically we are playing war, or rather playing with war which is way different or even playing with toys that look like their counterparts in history (or counters on board-games). It is mostly related to military history (though too many wargamers actually play non historical subjects, AKA fantasy and sci-fi duh). Most wargamers are not warriors, warmongers or even military. It is related to war as watching Hannibal (Lecter, not the one with elephants) or The Shield makes you a serial killer or a proponent of crooked law enforcement and criminal behaviour.

Our wars are harmless and our warriors once finished with, go into a box; we can restart, change “history” (not like politicians, our changes do not go in schoolbooks). When we lost Austerlitz we can say ”lets do it again next week end”. Those of us who care, read and study might know far more than many, especially journalists 😉.

Historical wargaming; Sharp Practice AWI; Napoleonics; By Fire and Sword; Impetus; Baroque; Miniature Wargames; 1870;  Seven Years War; Twilight of the divine right;  Thirty years war gaming; Historical research; Historical boardgaming; miniature comparisons; Terrain making. 10-15-18mm.

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